Grand Canyon Desert Play Mat Set | Felted Play Mat


Take a trip to one of America’s most iconic landscapes with our Grand Canyon play mat set. What sets this play mat apart are 10 felt stones of varying sizes and desert colors along with the diverse terrain of 2 charming cacti, 3 grass tufts, and a cave for extra fun. Offering an ideal starting point for any little explorer to build their very own Grand Canyon experience.

Children are encouraged to stack and arrange these elements to create their own canyon, crafting unique scenes that ignite their creativity and captivate their senses. This activity is not only entertaining but also fosters fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language development, counting, and an appreciation for nature.

Whether it's pairing the set with animal toys, diving into storytelling, taking on roles in imaginative play, or creating a small world of adventures, the possibilities are as boundless as the grand canyon itself. Join us in exploring this natural wonder and inspiring young minds along the way.

Product Details 

  • Ethically hand-made from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Colored with azo-free dye
  • Hand-felted by artisans in Nepal and Fair Traded
  • Size 16” x 20”
  • Suggested for Age 3 and Up


Customer Reviews

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Ally Schultz

I love the quality and the durability of this playset. The theme was also super fun. Can’t wait to order more.

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