Welcome to Play Planet!

Being a mother, I understand how important it is to set the right foundation for our little ones to learn and thrive. Having already seen how vital childhood education was (my family ran a Montessori school while I was growing up), I wanted to cultivate and encourage the inquisitive and playful nature of children everywhere. Hence, Play Planet was born!

We believe in the importance of play. We know your child’s imagination can take them anywhere, from exploring the starry depths of outer space to sailing uncharted seas. That’s why our selection of aesthetically pleasing and sustainably produced toys are carefully curated to foster creativity and most importantly, make learning fun. Many are handmade right here in our home studio with food-grade, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and all-natural materials. These durable products are created to last and will hold up to wear far longer than their plastic alternatives. As an added bonus, because of how sturdy they are, they’re unlikely to have pieces break off and become choking hazards! Check out our collection of handmade wooden toys. These beautiful, yet simple designs are specially crafted to not overwhelm your child with bombarding colors and harsh sounds, but to strike a balance between soothing and stimulating. Since they’re also eco-friendly, you can feel good about taking steps to protect the world your children will inherit.

At Play Planet, we focus on language, math, and sensory development. Our products promote open-ended play that encourages your little ones to discover, create, and learn at their own pace. Peruse through our line of Montessori Inspired toys that aid in developing spatial reasoning, language acquisition, number recognition, and nurture a curiosity of the world. Our sensory play toys instill a greater appreciation of the world, as they engage in activities that use all five senses. Watch your children flourish as they immerse themselves in arts and crafts, science, and their own burgeoning imagination.

We hope your children will love these toys, responsibly made and carefully chosen from our family to yours.