Here at Play Planet, imagination is our mission.  We exist for make-believe play and believe that creativity should be unlimited.

Play Planet is born from our own experiences with our children. We are parents searching for simple ways to spark imagination and foster a life-long love of creativity and learning through play.  But the traditional toy industry is focused on products that actually reduce creativity with batteries and flashing lights. Focused on lots of distraction instead of fostering imagination.  

As we searched for solutions, we found a lot of disposables, cheaply made toys with questionable materials and equally questionable manufacturing practices. We asked a simple question: does it have to be so difficult to find quality toys for our children?

We knew there had to be a better way so we sought out and, now, have created the toys we were looking for.  Whimsical and sustainable. Each toy we offer is made with attention to detail and made with love.  Designed to foster creativity, imagination and a lifelong love of learning through play.  No batteries. No flashing lights. Just hours of free play where imagination is unlimited.

At Play Planet, life should be fair.  Our products are built on our core belief that doing business should be fundamentally fair to all involved.  Where makers are paid a proper wage, get paid time off and work in clean, well-ventilated and safe working conditions. That’s why all products we offer are Certified Fair Trade and are frequently made by small collectives of artisans. We also believe that the materials we use must reflect our values.  All materials we use are sustainable; from pro-animal wool shearing practices to organic cotton to recycled synthetics. Free of artificial colors, free of any harmful toxins.  And always free of cruelty. 

So come, play with us and join the adventure at Play Planet!

The Play Planet Family