About our Dough: Our handcrafted play dough are all natural, non-toxic, and made from food grade US grown ingredients. All doughs are uniquely colored with fruits, vegetables, or plants, making it safe for little hands. They are lightly scented with kid safe and organic essential oils, carefully selected to stimulate children's senses, emotion, and memory. 
Care Instructions: Our dough is best experienced fresh (within 1 - 2 months after purchase). Due to the natural ingredients, our scents and colors may begin to fade after sitting for a long time un-opened. However, once opened, our dough can last for three to six months if played with consistently and stored in the air-tight container provided in a cool place. We recommend storing them in the fridge if you live in humid climate. 
If the dough becomes dry, just add a few drops of water or vegetable oil then knead it to soften. 

Safety: Recommended age 3+. While this playdough looks and smells delicious, we still do not recommend it being ingested. Please supervise children at all times.