Why Montessori Inspired Toys?

 1. It promotes scientific thinking!  

Montessori toys are focused on what’s concrete like a ball rolling down a slide such as our Wooden Pound A Ball Tower  or understanding spatial difference in simple puzzles. Children are encouraged to see cause and effect as well as make logical conclusions. They use their senses to observe and slowly understand rather than being told. This encourages scientific pathways in their brain.  

 2. Montessori toys teach children at their own pace!  

They often highlight a specific action or lesson like stacking blocks or matching shapes . They can repeat the action as many times as they need to. This repetition ensures your child will master it and learn at a pace that is natural to them. Other toys will try to teach many skills at the same time, which can confuse or overwhelm your child. Montessori believes in following the child and letting their own inclinations and natural curiosities guide them. 

 3. Montessori toys are often made with all natural materials.  

This is because they are more durable, safe for touching and even being put in a toddler’s mouth. They also have nice textures that children can explore. These natural materials lend beauty to a space which is important since the environment a toddler is in can be crucial to their development. Try out our handcrafted Wooden Alphabet Puzzle . They are made meticulously by artisans in UK from locally sourced wood.  

 4. These toys are empowering 

Montessori as a philosophy allows toddlers a certain autonomy and independence that other child rearing practices do not. With toys that encourage them to figure things out for themselves and play pretend by themselves, they learn what they are capable of. Maybe it’s allowing them to reach the counter safely to help with cooking or preparing their own snacks like with our Learning Tower. Children are given space which is not only something they want, but what they need in order to grow. 

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