Play Pretend Kitchen Activities

Play kitchens and play cooking have so many benefits from increasing vocabulary, encouraging healthier eating choices, boosting creativity, and so much more!

Below are some of our favorite play kitchen activities that are guaranteed to make the fun last for hours.

Cooking Show

Do you watch baking or cooking shows with your children? It’s so easy to set up your very own show. For baking, try out our stand mixer play set or one of our full kitchen sets. Follow the prompts of your favorite shows like featuring mystery ingredients or ask your child to explain how to make dishes and let their imagination do the rest.


Restaurant Role Play

Can I take your order? Welcome to your own family restaurant. Order up a dish and watch as your children rush to prepare. That could be waffles for brunch with our waffle set or your favorite rolls with our sushi play set.



Grocery Shopping

Surprisingly fun! This activity is a great way to encourage healthy eating. Set up foods in an aisle and let your child go through picking up what they want. This can be followed up by “cooking” a meal or by organizing them afterwards. Try out our wooden veggie salad set or wooden fruit set for realistic and beautiful produce.


Dinner Parties or Picnic

Set the table for all your fuzzy friends and stuffed animals, it’s a party! Make a meal to share with our Borscht Set or Bagel picnic spread.