3 Benefits of Felt Playscapes

Learning is always better when having fun and felt toys are no exception. With a brand-new range of toys hitting our store, we wanted to showcase some of their benefits.

 1.) Storytelling to boost language

Felt playscapes allow your child’s creativity to take center stage. What will happen to the veggies ready for harvest? What animals will they introduce to the farm: chickens or dogs or something more surprising? Playscapes allow for open ended play. In telling stories, children expand their vocabulary and find use for new words outside of their usual routine. Try introducing new words before their play. If using our Felt Rustic Farm Play Mat, you can try words like crops or livestock. 

One of the best things about felt toys is whether dropped or thrown, they’re sure to stay in shape and beautiful. This allows for many different adventures.

 2) Improve non-verbal communication

Dolls and stuffed animals are a great way to enhance non-verbal communications and teach children to pick up on social cues. Our felt animals lend well to this, particularly our Felt Hen and Chick Set. How does the mother hen interact with her chick and eggs? How does the chick respond back? This scenario increases awareness of emotions in themselves and empathy.

 This is a great way for kids to explore relationships with nature or between people and animals while playing.

 3) Importance of Natural Materials

 Felt is made through wool gathered from sheep or goats, hot water, and friction. The result is a firm, but soft fabric ready to be turned into toys for open ended play. Natural materials like these teach children about their environment and encourage respect for living creatures.

 The texture and feel of felt can also be a new way to engage a child’s attention and a departure from other toy materials like wood or bamboo. All of Play Planet’s felt products are handmade with care and love. See the attention to detail in our lovely Felt Bunny Duo.

 Try out a felt playscape or toy today and let us know what you think by tagging us on Instagram @playplanet.us